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Why Do Employers Use Employment Verification? 3 Factors That Matter

Employment Verification When applicants are submitting their resume for a job, they often don't realize the impact that their resume will actually have. It does more than create conversation for the interview. Potential employers actually run employment verification background checks based on the information provided on a resume.
What is employment verification? This is the part of the background check where the employer actually attempts to verify the information on the resume. This verification can confirm facts like:

  • Job start and end dates
  • Titles held
  • Salary
  • Job duties
  • Reasons for leaving
Why do employers do this?

To Catch a Lie

According to a CareerBuilder Survey, roughly 58% of employers have found a lie on a resume. Based on this data, it cannot just be assumed that everything on the resume is true. There are several reasons that an applicant might lie on their resume, but it ultimately tells the employer about their character. Whether they exaggerate their skills or try to cover up a gap in employment, the employer may question their integrity.

Past History Can Predict Future Performance

Aside from many entry level positions, past experience matters quite a bit. A potential employee should actually have the skills and experience they claim to have so the employer can be confident they will be able to handle the job. If the applicant received promotions in the past, or maybe they were given extra responsibilities, the employer may choose this employee over others because they might be a better fit.

To Speak to Your References

The references that applicants attach to their resume are important. Part of the employment verification process is reference checking. Employers call applicants' references to see if that person will be a good fit for the company. There are some restrictions on what employers can ask references, depending on the state, but they can still get some good information from the references. Employers always want to make sure that they are hiring the right people for their company. For this reason, background checks and employment verification is crucial. They can reveal false information on a resume, predict future performance based on the past, and allow employers to speak to references.

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