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Why Background Screening Increases Productivity

The hiring process can involve much guesswork. Hiring managers use resumes, interviews, reference checks, and some intuition to try to find the perfect candidate for the job. Resumes can be falsified, and unqualified candidates might have mastered the interview.

While interviewing and checking references are helpful tools to learn about your applicant they can only take you so far. Background screening is how you verify the person you hire is whom they say they are.

What are some ways employee background screening increases productivity? Background screening helps to provide for reduced training, leads to higher attendance, and a reduction in turnover.

Reduced Training

Have you ever hired an employee only to find out a couple of weeks in that they have no idea what they are doing? You thought the hire was going to be great, everything felt right, but they are still relying heavily on help from their coworkers, slowing down operations and taking more time training than you had anticipated. Sadly, this happens more often than we like to admit.

Why Background Screening Increases Productivity

Employment verification background checks help you to hire employees who have the experience they say they do. Checking a person’s work history will tell you if they indeed worked as a finance manager for seven years, or whether they graduated with the degree listed on their resume. Knowing your candidate is qualified will help you to reduce unnecessary training and get back to productivity.

Better Attendance

Drugs and alcohol have no place in the workplace. According to NCADD alcoholism and drug abuse causes absenteeism, use of extra sick leave, tardiness, and after-effects such as hangovers or withdrawals on the job.

It can be challenging to tell if your prospect uses drugs or abuses alcohol. A background screening program that incorporates drug and alcohol screening will help improve attendance because people who abuse drugs and alcohol are 2.5 times more likely to miss work.

Why Background Screening Increases Productivity

Reduce Turnover

Finding a candidate that is whom they say they are, and does not abuse drugs or alcohol will lead to a better hire that is more likely to stay with your company for a reasonable length of time. Further, these better hires will not cause undue stress to current trusted employees. Turnover does not only result from a bad hire leaving or being fired, bringing the wrong person into your company can cause good employees to resign.

A reduction in training, better attendance, and less turnover all increase productivity on their own. When combined, these improvements lead to more than better productivity, and they lead to financial savings and a happier workplace. It is estimated that the cost of a single bad hire is somewhere between 30% of that hire’s annual earnings and $240,000. With the high cost of a bad hire, background checks no longer seem that expensive.

To further increase productivity, consider hiring a company that provides employer background check services. CNet Technologies specializes in employment background screening as well as national compliance management services.