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What is Drug Screening & What Does it Entail?

If you haven’t implemented a drug screening policy you might be wondering what exactly is drug testing, what does it entail, and is it a pre-employment screening option that will help your hiring efforts?

Drug testing can identify candidates that use substances that would disqualify them from being a good fit for your company.

What is Drug Testing?

What is Drug Testing?

Drug testing is using hair, urine, saliva, or blood to detect the presence of substances or the metabolites of substances that may be in a person’s system. A metabolite by definition is a product of metabolism or the process the body goes through when processing (metabolizing), a drug. Drugs and metabolites for different substances stay in a person’s body for different amounts of time

What is the Drug Testing Process?

When conducting a drug screening test for employment a company will first shortlist one or more promising candidates for the position. Generally, a third party is contracted for all employer background check services such as drug testing and background screening. Once a candidate is selected, they are contacted to schedule a time to come to the collection site for the drug test, usually within 24 hours of the conditional offer of employment to ensure that if the candidate had recently used substances, they would be detected.

What is the Drug Testing Process?

When the candidate arrives for their appointment, they will be required to show ID to verify their identity. Pockets, purses, and all other bags are either not allowed into the collection site, or placed in holding while the candidate gives a sample. This is to ensure that no contaminants are brought into the facility to alter the drug screen results.

Why is Drug Screening Important?

There are a few reasons why drug screening is important. Any job that involves dangerous equipment or practices should use pre-employment drug screening and random drug screens. Operating heavy machinery, forklifts, and any other job that involves operating potentially dangerous equipment could put the hiring company at risk for liability if they do not drug screen.

Additionally, addiction can lead to lowered performance, a heightened risk of theft, absenteeism and other issues that could have been prevented by using pre-employment drug screening.

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