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What Businesses Should Conduct Pre-Employment Screening?

What Businesses Should Conduct Pre-Employment Screening?

No matter what your business model is, using employment verification and other employer background check services allow you to hire better candidates. Background checks help weed out candidates that would not be a good fit for your company and reduce the cost of a bad hire.

Some businesses that require background checks are more evident than others - industries that involve the care of vulnerable people, high-security clearances, or finances are going to use background screening for employees. What other businesses should conduct pre-employment screening?




Businesses With Employees Who Travel

If you have employees that drive a company vehicle or travel to the home or business of your client, you should be screening. Trusting a company vehicle to an employee is a major liability. So is sending an employee to the client location, even if they do not need to enter the premises and only intend to work outside of the home or office.

If you don’t screen these employees, you could be held accountable in a negligent hiring lawsuit if your employee goes on to cause harm or financial damages to your client.

Businesses With Sensitive Records

If you use sensitive data (addresses, personal information, credit card numbers and billing information for example), you will want to pre-screen potential employees. Businesses that use confidential records have a lot of opportunity for less than honest people to wreak havoc and run your good name into the ground.

Ensuring that you are not hiring someone who has a history of taking sensitive information and exploiting it will help you ensure that if you do run into trouble with an employee, you can minimize the damage through showing your due diligence in the hiring process.




Everyone Else

Even if your employees will never travel or have access to any sensitive records, you should still consider using background checks. Background screening can give you insight into the person you are bringing into your company that will help you make better hiring decisions.

For more information on drug screening and employer background check services, contact CNet Technologies. CNet Technologies specializes in FCRA compliant background screening services to help you make your best hires.