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What Are Employers Looking For With Background Checks? 5 Common Pieces of Information

Employer Background Check Services

When you apply for jobs, it's likely your potential employers will run background checks before hiring you. Maybe you're familiar with the process, but you're unsure what exactly they are even looking for. Here are some common things employer background check services are checking for.

Criminal History

One of the first things an employment background screening will find is your criminal history. Employers want to know what kind of person they might be hiring. Background checks can reveal things like felony convictions, violent offenses, sex crimes, fraud, civil lawsuits, drug charges, and more.

Credit History

Your credit history can tell your employer things about your sense of responsibility. They want to see your debt, bad credit decisions, and payment history so they can tell how well you can be trusted. Credit checks are especially important for jobs that involve money management.

Education and Employment History

Your education and employment history is a big part of what qualifies you for a job. For this reason, your future employer wants to make sure the things listed on your resume are accurate. The easiest way to avoid trouble in this area is to be as honest and accurate as possible on your resume.

Driving Records

Not all employers will care about your driving record, but it is a common thing that comes up in background screening. Anything from minor speeding tickets to serious license suspension may show up in this report. Driving record checks are especially essential for jobs that require driving, like taxis or shipping company drivers.


Last but not least, your future employer will most likely verify your identity during the background check. This may include a Social Security check or eligibility to work in the United States. Employers want to make sure you are not applying under a false identity for any reason.

Employer background check services aim to find out your criminal history, credit history, education and employment history, driving records, and even your identity. Roughly 51% of employers say they would automatically dismiss an applicant who lied on their resume and got caught, and 40% say it would depend on that the lie was about. Employer background check services will be able to find those lies, and they will be able to dig deep to find every piece of history attached to you. For this reason, it's important to be incredibly upfront and honest with any potential employer to secure your chance of landing a job.