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Managing Compliance: Vendors

How many third-party contractors and vendors does your company employ? Could you say without a doubt how many contractors and vendors working with you are fully compliant with your contract? If you would have to do some research or do not know, you should consider implementing a contractor auditing program.


Risk management concept, word cloud of related concept words.Contractor auditing is the process of ensuring that the vendors working under you are meeting the terms of their contract: that they are properly insured, certified, or meeting other regulations that will limit your liability when working with them. The more contractors and vendors you employ, the easier it is for this to get out of hand, and methods such as keeping a binder of insurance certificates and permits are no longer sufficient in the digital age. So how do you manage vendor compliance and in turn stay compliant yourself?



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Build an Auditing Process

If you manage vendor compliance in-house, you should have a person or team who is dedicated to the task. Use routine audits that follow a documented process that can be internally audited from time to time as a form of checks and balances.

This process should be reviewed from time to time for any changes that are necessary due to changes in the work process.

Use a Tracking Tool

You will need to develop a tracking tool or use a third-party national compliance management service. If you don’t have your records, you are not compliant so tracking, storing and categorizing documents proving compliance is a must.

To make this process easier for our clients, CNet developed CTrack, our software that allows you to view a chart with current compliance levels from individuals to the whole company. Combining this with trained auditors ensures that compliance is well managed. Whether you use a program like CTrack or build processes internally, using technology to create a compliance tracking system will help you to conduct your audits with the level of detail and organization they require.

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