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Virtual Assistants: How to Vet a Remote Worker

As an entrepreneur, growing your business means hiring those who can help you thrive.  This can be expensive especially when you’re just starting.   Many companies will turn to contract work, specifically a virtual assistant.  A virtual assistant is someone who works remotely, often from their...

Vendor Screening Keeps Your Renters Safe

Being a property manager means taking on a lot of responsibilities. You are responsible for marketing a property, screening potential tenants, collecting rent, answering late night phone calls and complaints, maintaining the premises, documenting incidents, keeping the landlord informed, and...

Managing Compliance: Vendors

How many third-party contractors and vendors does your company employ? Could you say without a doubt how many contractors and vendors working with you are fully compliant with your contract? If you would have to do some research or do not know, you should consider implementing a contractor...