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Adverse Action and Background Checks: Using Third-Party Screening Can Help

Background checks are a great tool in the hiring process: everything from identity and work verification to credit and criminal history can be found on a background check. While they can often be a mere formality in the hiring process for the perfect candidate, sometimes a background check will...

Retail Background Checks Protect Your Business

The retail industry has some unique aspects to consider when it comes to pre-employment screening.  It's a high turnover industry. Hourly store employees experience a turnover rate of about 65 percent. Seasonal employees, teenagers, or other part-timers can make it a revolving door of employees...

The FCRA Advanced Certificate: A Primer

There are a host of background screening companies out there for you to choose from.  It’s a forest of choices that makes it very difficult to pick an individual tree.  If you are in the market for a partner to help you perform background checks, you might feel a little overwhelmed.  

NAPBS Accreditation: What it is and Why it Matters

So, you've decided to bring in an outside company to perform background checks on potential new hires.   As such a company, we applaud your decision for many reasons.  Feel free to browse through other blog posts here at CNet Technologies if you would like some insight into those reasons....

FCRA Basics

What You Need to Know

If you’ve spent any time looking around our site, you’ll know that the FRCA is the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It covers the information that can be contained in credit reports, and how this information may be used when obtained by a third party. The primary function of the...

Cheap Background Checks: More Expensive In The Long Run

Discount background checks are tempting with budgets that seem to stay the same or suffer cuts yearly while the cost of doing business continues to rise. An inexpensive database search may seem like a good value, but when does saving a small amount of money cost you in the long run? If you...