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Understanding Education Verification in Texas | CNet Technologies

In the past, there may have been contexts in which employers took on good faith that an individual had the educational credentials that they claimed on their resumes. Before the rise of the internet, many jobs relied on a combination of on-the-job training and any form of background education.


How Can You Tell If That Degree Is Real? Investigate Education Claims Thoroughly!

Education verification may only rarely reveal fraud, but it used to be a reasonably quick process by comparison with more recent developments. Reaching out to a fully accredited, brick-and-mortar higher education institution was the norm. Additionally, they typically retained long-term records...

What Are the Challenges of Education Verification in the Age of Online Colleges?

As you've probably already experienced, the process for verifying an online college is a cumbersome one. When full of potential dead ends where it may be impossible to verify the employee's experience thoroughly. Here are some of the other challenges you might encounter and options to solve...