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Is Random Drug Testing Right for Me?

What Is Random Drug Testing?

Drug tests are used to screen for illegal or prescription substances using several different methods including collecting urine or hair follicle samples.

A random drug testing program is where the employer selects one or more employees from a pool to be randomly...

NAPBS Accreditation: What it is and Why it Matters

So, you've decided to bring in an outside company to perform background checks on potential new hires.   As such a company, we applaud your decision for many reasons.  Feel free to browse through other blog posts here at CNet Technologies if you would like some insight into those reasons....

What Legalization Means for You

As of this writing, the use of recreational marijuana is now legal in nine states, as well as Washington DC. Marijuana use for medical purposes is legal in 31 states. Additionally, our Canadian neighbors have lifted all restrictions on recreational marijuana.

What are the Differences Between Drug Tests?

Drug screening and testing are standard practices for many employers, and with good reason. Employing substance abusers can cost your business, with hits to both your reputation and your bottom line. They are responsible for up to half of all workers compensation claims, are more than twice as...