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Hiring Tips for 2019

The hiring market is moving so fast that many HR departments may have difficulty keeping up.  Technology is shrinking our world and shortening our timelines, drastically changing the way that the best and brightest search for employment.  

If you aren't continually revamping your recruitment...

Is Your Recruiting Mobile?

Technology is always a step ahead, it seems. You just bought a new iPhone last month, and then Apple announces the next generation. You bought a plasma TV…then a LED…then a 4K. You purchased bitcoin (need a hug?).

Our world is more and more dependent upon technology every single day. Thirty-five...

What You Should Know About "Ban the Box."

If you have never heard of “Ban the Box,” you aren’t alone. If you hire people (or own a business that does), however, you want to familiarize yourself with this particular movement.

What Information is in a Background Check?

He is a charming young man. Very sharp and well spoken. Handsome, clean-cut, and sharply dressed. An upstanding guy with plenty of confidence, he has a long history of volunteer work, a psychology degree from a major university, and is currently attending law school. He comes with a letter of...

What Size Businesses Need Background Screening?

Whether you are a human resources department of 1 or 100, you still need the same services and results to keep business moving. Your pre-employment screening process should be designed to grow as you grow, so you don’t run into unnecessary trouble along the way.

Managing Compliance: Vendors

How many third-party contractors and vendors does your company employ? Could you say without a doubt how many contractors and vendors working with you are fully compliant with your contract? If you would have to do some research or do not know, you should consider implementing a contractor...

What Businesses Should Conduct Pre-Employment Screening?

What Businesses Should Conduct Pre-Employment Screening?

FCRA Basics

What You Need to Know

If you’ve spent any time looking around our site, you’ll know that the FRCA is the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It covers the information that can be contained in credit reports, and how this information may be used when obtained by a third party. The primary function of the...

Why Do Employers Use Employment Verification? 3 Factors That Matter

When applicants are submitting their resume for a job, they often don't realize the impact that their resume will actually have. It does more than create conversation for the interview. Potential employers actually run employment verification background checks based on the information provided...

Cheap Background Checks: More Expensive In The Long Run

Discount background checks are tempting with budgets that seem to stay the same or suffer cuts yearly while the cost of doing business continues to rise. An inexpensive database search may seem like a good value, but when does saving a small amount of money cost you in the long run? If you...