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Employee Screening Empowers Smart Hiring

Is there anything more important than your hiring decisions? Not much, right? That by default means that your hiring process should be optimized to help deliver the best, most qualified, and reliable employees.

A story from Inc., based on a report regarding job applications began by saying “a new study shows huge increase in lies on job applications.”

How big of an increase? That story went on to say that:

“…85 percent of employers caught applicants fibbing on their résumés or applications…”

That’s a surprising number. It is also a big reason why your employee screening process is so important. Part of getting the best field of candidates includes weeding out the less than desirable candidates. Employers from every industry are finding smart tools and techniques to help them do just that.

The Tools of the Trade

In this ultra-connected world of technology and information, filtering the candidate pool isn’t just easier, it’s smart, too.

The Basics
Employment and education verification, basic record checks and the routine steps of pre-employment screening should be a staple of your hiring process. The basics of pre-employment screening will help ensure that you don’t hire the wrong fit for the position and that you don’t hire a criminal either.

The Fundamentals
Companies that thoroughly screen their potential employees are acting in a way that is smart and responsible while also being obedient to the law. Companies are expected to perform due diligence when hiring employees, like drug screening for many positions.

Concern related to being held liable for an employee under the influence of an illegal substance is real. It can also become a big problem if proper hiring practices weren’t employed.

Screening the Others
Contractors, freelancers, and independent agents are becoming increasingly commonplace in every industry. Businesses will most likely work with a contractor at some point, and many do so daily due to the nature of their work. In any event, knowing who you are working with and choosing to work with only the best contractors is a choice.

The right tools not only make it easier to find the best job candidates, but vendor management tools like CTrack make it easier to manage the compliance of contractors you work with too.

The Benefits Speak for Themselves

Employee screening does more than protect your company. It helps businesses narrow their candidate pool and find the most qualified employees.

That won’t always equate to a perfect employer-employee match. There are some highly-qualified candidates out there that just aren’t a good fit for your company. However, An effective screening process can sometimes save both of you the time and disappointment.

Your current employees will also benefit from having others working with them who are qualified, trustworthy, and hard working. The type of employees that a strong hiring process can help you find.

Why should you invest your time and efforts in developing a hiring process that works for your business? The benefits are the reason, the reasons are many and in the end, everyone profits.

CNET Technologies has the tools you need to ensure that you’re hiring the caliber of candidate your business requires. Click here to talk to us today and download our free guide, “The Definitive Guide to Selecting the Best Pre-Employment Screening Service.”


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