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Easy Pre-Employment Screening

Don’t Scare Off Good Candidates

The labor shortage we are experiencing is great news for employees and not so great news for employers. Any time a labor shortage strikes, the company that offers the best terms will get the best candidates. Pre-employment screening is a smart practice, but it also needs to be conducted in a manner that doesn’t scare off great talent.




To make pre-employment screening a simple process that won’t scare off good candidates, you should be transparent, act with urgency, and take advantage of technology.

Be Transparent

Make your screening policy transparent and easy to understand. If a candidate is choosing from multiple offers that are otherwise similar, it stands to reason that the company with the easy to follow background check and drug policy is going to stand out from the others.


Ensure your forms are legally compliant, but not over complicated. Be honest and open about what you are looking for and what the policy is moving forward.

Act With Urgency

A well-qualified applicant is going to have multiple offers, so you’ll want to get through the background check and drug screening process as quickly as possible while still being thorough. If it takes too long to get your results back, that candidate might accept another position and be gone before you have the opportunity to hire them.


Consider moving the background screening process up in your hiring process to reduce your time to hire. Don’t forget state laws such as “Ban the Box” laws applicable to your hiring location.


Whether conducting the process yourself or using a third party, let the applicant know how long they will be waiting. Keep to that schedule and act with urgency, so you don’t miss out on a great hire.




Use Technology

Technology can speed the screening process up significantly so you can make your hiring decisions faster. Partnering with a company that leverages technology to speed up your time to hire can make your life easier. Consider using a candidate portal with electronic signatures, and don’t forget over half of all web traffic is from a mobile device so make your screening technology mobile-friendly.


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