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Creating a Drug Screening Policy

If you already use drug-testing as part of your pre-employment screening process or as part of a random drug screening policy, you probably already have a documented policy in place.

Using a documented policy is a way to enforce a drug-free workplace in a manner that is both fair to your employees and protects the company. If you do not already have a policy in place, take steps to create one before rolling out a drug testing program for your company.

Here are three relevant considerations to keep in mind when creating a drug screening policy.




Know the Law

Is random drug testing right for me? Each state can dictate the law around drug testing, so be sure you know the laws of the state or states you operate in and always stay abreast of changes. Some states only allow pre-employment drug screening, others allow random drug testing, while others only allow testing when there is reasonable suspicion for the test. 

Document & Distribute

Build your screening rules using the law, and then be sure to clearly outline how those rules are applied to ensure that all employees are always testing using the same rules and procedures. Never allow room for discrimination when creating a drug screening policy.

Once documented, be sure that everyone receives a copy of the drug screening policy, and make it easy to understand. Include who can be tested, when testing occurs, why you test, what the policy is when an employee tests positive, etc. The clearer your policy is, the easier it is for employees to comply, and they will be happier doing so when they know what to expect.

As a best practice, have your employees sign a form that indicates they have read and understand your policy. Keep these forms in their personnel file for future reference.




Create a Supportive Culture

Drug and alcohol addiction is a painful and difficult thing to navigate. If you have employees who are struggling, offering an employee assistance program or EAP can help both employer and employee navigate the abuse issue.

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