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How to Obtain Better Talent Through Better Hiring

Hiring new talent is not usually a straight line from point A to point B. Instead, it is often more of a labyrinth with many dead ends and new paths. One way to make the new hire process more manageable is to fully document the workflows necessary to hiring and turn those workflows into a checklist that you can rely on every time to ensure nothing gets lost in the process.

Better Talent Through Better Hiring

Ensure that these steps are fully documented in your workflows for a better hiring experience and better candidates.

1. Job Description

The job description is one of the essential steps in the hiring process. To bring in the most qualified candidates who are the best fit for the job you need to start with a detailed description of the job duties.

How do you write the best job descriptions? Have current employees in a position review their job description from time to time and suggest revisions. Regular revisions by those doing the job will help to ensure the description is accurate not only from management's perspective but also from the standpoint of those who are carrying out the job duties.

2. Employment Application

In addition to accepting resumes, use an employment application early on when recruiting candidates. The application process is a good time to include any forms that require a candidate's consent. Providing all of these forms at the same time as they are filling out the application makes the process easier and keeps everything together. Plus, the application naturally will screen out those candidates who are not serious about the job.

3. Narrow Your Options

The interview process should help to narrow down the pool of prospective candidates. Forbes suggests using the 7 C's when interviewing to find the best candidates. The 7 C's are: competent, capable, compatible, commitment, character, culture, and compensation. Create a list of qualities that a person should have to thrive in the position you are hiring for, and then ask the right questions to determine if they are a fit.
Better Talent Through Better Hiring

4. Conduct a Background Check and Drug Testing

Pre-employment background screening will help you verify a resume and confirm that the person you interviewed is a good honest fit for your company. Employment background screening will also alert you to a history of violence or drug abuse that could put your company at risk.

5. Check References

Another good reason to perform a background check on applicants is to verify prior employers or find employers that may have been excluded from the applicant's resume. Don't only take the applicant's word for it that they are a good candidate. Calling references is a great resource that is overlooked too often because of how well the interview goes.

Hiring new employees doesn't have to be a headache. Every time you hire a new employee, you will pick up some wisdom along the way that will help you improve your hiring process. Be sure to continuously documents these improvements until your hiring process is perfected.

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