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What Size Businesses Need Background Screening?

Whether you are a human resources department of 1 or 100, you still need the same services and results to keep business moving. Your pre-employment screening process should be designed to grow as you grow, so you don’t run into unnecessary trouble along the way.

Background screening is vital for every size business. Here are some tips based on the size of your organization.

Small Business: < 50 Employees

A small business is a business with less than 50 employees. For a business this small you will not be able to adequately conduct pre-employment screening so you should partner with a specialist company.

Employment verification only paints part of the picture. When you are operating a small business, every employee is critical. Hiring the wrong person can create disastrous results: the smaller the business the longer it takes to make up the lost ground a bad hire will cost you.

If your HR department is nonexistent, too small, or handles many other tasks, it is hard to keep up with the changes in laws and requirements that will leave you liable. A screening specialist will help you avoid liability while finding the best talent.




Medium-Sized Business: 50-249 Employees

You should already be working with a company that specializes in pre-employment background screening, drug screening, and employment verification checks, especially if you work with vendors and also must manage vendor compliance.

While a medium size business can recover from a bad hire faster than a small business, it could take years, especially if the bad hire costs you a client, or causes negative publicity. The cost of pre-employment screening is far less than the headache a bad hire is guaranteed to cause you.




Large Business: > 250 Employees

Operating a business this size means an increased liability that can come with a bad hire. In a large business, HR is naturally spread more thin. The less attention that HR can pay to screening and vetting new employees the more likely it is that bad hires will happen.

Take the time to work with a company that specializes in FCRA compliant background checks and drug screening for best results. Using a company that specializes is especially helpful if your business covers multiple states because of the varying state laws governing drug screening and pre-employment screening.

For more information about employment verification background checks, contact CNet Technologies. CNet Technologies specializes in pre-employment background check services to help you find better people through better data.

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