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4 Ways Drug Screen is Beneficial For Businesses As a Whole

Drug Screening Test for EmploymentSubstance abuse is a major concern in the workplace, especially because of the current opioid crisis in the United States. Many people think that a drug screening test for employment is an invasion of privacy, but these tests are crucial to keeping a business running well. Here are some reasons why drug screenings are beneficial for any business.

Maintaining productivity

Drug use can cause employees to be significantly less productive than they would be if they did not use drugs. Drug use can potentially lead to missed deadlines, increased absences, and even employee theft. All of these things can lower a company's productivity, which can ultimately lead to a loss of money.

Keeping health care costs down

Drug use can cause a person's medical costs to skyrocket. They are much more likely to hurt themselves than employees who do not use drugs. Health insurance premiums and overall health costs can be reduced with a drug screening test for employment. Some insurers won't cover those who are test positive for drug use; all the more reason to administer screenings.

Decreasing turnover rates

You want to find employees who will fit your company's goals and standards. Administering a drug screening for applicants can help you do that. It can also reduce the chances of firing someone down the road due to the effects of their drug use. This will allow you to retain valuable workers and decrease your turnover rate.

Protecting employees and customers

Not only do drug users propose a risk to themselves, but they are at risk of harming others as well. A person's judgment, reaction time, and much more are affected when they are under the influence of drugs. This greatly increases the chances of an accident happening in the workplace. In 2015 alone, more than 9.5 million urine drug screening tests for employment were positive in the American workforce. If those tests were not administered, all of those people could be working while abusing drugs. Every business has the right to keep their company and its people safe from the harmful effects of drugs. A drug-free workplace is a safe and productive workplace.