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Is Random Drug Testing Right for Me?

What Is Random Drug Testing?

Drug tests are used to screen for illegal or prescription substances using several different methods including collecting urine or hair follicle samples.

A random drug testing program is where the employer selects one or more employees from a pool to be randomly...

How to Use Motor Vehicle Reports for Pre-Employment Screening

If you hire employees to operate company vehicles, you want to be as certain as possible that your incoming hires are safe and responsible behind the wheel.  While there are methods of verifying employee driving records that may help the employer save money, they aren’t necessarily legal....

Integrating Your ATS and Pre-Employment Screening

Here's some tough love.  I know that your company is fantastic.  I’m sure that most candidates would be lucky to work for you.  However, these candidates have no idea.  There is a strong possibility that, at least at first blush, you weren’t one of their dream companies.  Are you on Fortune’s...

The FCRA Advanced Certificate: A Primer

There are a host of background screening companies out there for you to choose from.  It’s a forest of choices that makes it very difficult to pick an individual tree.  If you are in the market for a partner to help you perform background checks, you might feel a little overwhelmed.  

About Pre-Employment Screening for Temps and Contractors

Sometimes it is just easier and more cost-efficient to hire a temp.  If you have work that must be done now and doesn’t involve sensitive knowledge, a temp may be the right decision.  That said, your business is your home. You do not invite strangers into your familial home, and you should not...

Hiring Great Employees Begins With the Candidate Pool

A Better Way

Imagine two rooms, one that has 1,000 job candidates and the other that has 100. Now imagine a game where the object is to be the first person to find three candidates who have earned a college degree. Do you want to be the person searching the room with 1,000 people or 100?

CNET Technologies: Our Company and Our Culture

At CNET Technologies, we pride ourselves on being a fantastic choice for your background screening and verification needs, as well as an excellent partner in employee contracting.  However, that is just a description of our business. It does nothing to capture our stature or our culture.  We are...

CNet Technologies at 2019 STXHRS

Kevin Heath, CEO

Employee Screening Empowers Smart Hiring

Is there anything more important than your hiring decisions? Not much, right? That by default means that your hiring process should be optimized to help deliver the best, most qualified, and reliable employees.

All About Verification

Where did you work three jobs ago?  Is the company still in business?  Does the branch where you were employed still exist?  How quickly could you get your supervisor from that post on the phone?When you ask your HR department to verify these sort of facts for employment candidates, you are...

Hiring Tips for 2019

The hiring market is moving so fast that many HR departments may have difficulty keeping up.  Technology is shrinking our world and shortening our timelines, drastically changing the way that the best and brightest search for employment.  

If you aren't continually revamping your recruitment...

Pre-Employment Screening for Small Businesses

Bad hires happen all of the time.  Even extraordinarily bad hires.  We don’t always hear about them, because many times they occur in larger companies where they don’t make much of a dent.  If you bring in several million in profit a year, a few thousand bucks in theft maybe isn’t worth worrying...